What do we know about “privacy”?

On the Web we can find lots of things like apps and games that get rich by being “FREE”. Ironic isn’t it? Now here comes the scary part. Some Apps like Google, Yahoo and Facebook are relatively free. Yahoo, for example, let’s you make a email account with the condition that you let it read and see your emails. Google on the other hand, does not, but it also has his fishy tricks.

Google is a multimillionire company that has been since 1998. But how is it that being free makes them rich? Well, here’s how they work… Whatever you look on the google search bar, whatever you enter and whatever you download from google, it gets sold to other app companies such as Instagram or Facebook. Even Youtube joins this cat fishing party.

Now, how do we know or what do we do to browse safe on the web? Well, there are some devices like Apple that have a very strict policy to ensure you are safe and whatever you do it’s safe. Now some apps to secure your web browsing, can be Firefox as an example of the safest one since it deletes you data as soon you close the app.