Hi guys. I hope everyone is doing great, if not, don’t give up, remember you are a strong person. The subject that I am gonna be talking about today, as you can see, about my experience in the web. I know I wrote in my introduction that this blog was gonna be about self love but there were some inconveniences and i have to do first this assignment from my course of INF103 from University of Sacred Heart. Is still in my plans to continue to do blogs about positivity and I will talk about self love when I have the oportunity, but for now let’s talk about the web.

I consider myself a very technological person, i love social medias, youtube, google, netflix and other apps or sites. The web is one of the best and most useful things that exist. Starting with school, is really useful for proyects, assignments, presentations, investigations and you can basically learn about anything you want or like. I love the idea of how you can just search for anything you want to know and educate yourself alone without depending of what only school teaches you. You can really expand your knowledge by reading articles, the news, online books, investigations, and so many information.

#Quotes â??Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.â? - Jimi Hendrix [2048x1367]

The other part that I love about te web are the social medias, this is where you can make new friends, socialize, publish what you love, express your opinion in any app you want, you can show your vacations, make movements, give promotion to anything you want and so many others. Some social medias that I use or sites that I like to visit on the web are twitter, youtube, netflix, google, gmail, etc. I am gonna leave a compilation of vines because that makes me laugh so much and I believe they are still iconic.

Warning: Explicit language

For example, instagram is one of my favorites social medias, because you can post any picture you want, see what your favorite artists are up to, see positivity posts, which are my favorites, see the news, you can see tutorials, or promotions of products, or new songs, new movements, anything. Right now I don’t have that much time to use social medias but in my free time I can use the app for 30 mins. to 49 mins. in a day, depending of my schedule. I am going to leave some of my favorites influencers and pages of different contents that I have mentioned so everyone can have a better idea of what I am referring to.

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Rickey Thompson is one of my favorite influencers/ youtuber because he always make me laugh and feel good about myself because of the content he puts. He always posts videos of him talking about positivity or funny situations or just dancing because he is in a good mood and that makes me feel in a good mood. I totally recommend all of you to follow him.
Here is one my favorite positive pages, they always post something pretty and motivational.
I will finish the segment of social medias and instagram with this powerful message of Salice Rose. She is another favorite youtuber/ influencer I really love, the message she gives is really emotional and motivational, if someone is going through a though time, you really need to hear what she says. Warning: explicit language

The web has a lot of great benefits but it also has a lot of negative aspects, for example, thief face, fake news, fake information, catfish people, identity thief, hackers, cyberbully and so many other factors that can make also the web a dangerous place. So i believe that to use the web everyone should be really careful, especially with their own identity because it can be stolen. There’s always good and bad in everything and there’s people who use it for entertainment, to help, for great utilities. But there’s also people who use it to create chaos, problems and for bad intentions. Always remember to take care of yourself and stay away from bad vibes or influences.

I know the web can be sometimes addictive, it entertains a lot and you can find anything you like. I personally think that I use the web for 4 to 5 hours for now, per day, because maybe I can be 25 minutes. using my phone, then I can be doing other duties that I have that doesn’t include the necessity of using the web, then on lunchtime I can use the web for 30 minutes. It depends on my schedule and what comes up during my day, but I mostly use it more before sleeping because I don’t have anything to do. Another fact that I want to add is that I can’t live without the web, because it helps me a lot during the day, it very necessary for me to do my assignments, for work, to communicate, to watch some news, entertain myself watching movies and it has so many other utilities that I honestly can’t live without it.

To finish this blog I will love to finish it with some positivity because even though this blog was about my web experience I also want everyone to remember that you can talk about anything and put a spark of positivity on what you are talking about. In conclusion, the web is for everyone, use it carefully, but also have fun and always be yourself. I will end with a positive tweet because as you all know, I always like to end my blog with positivity and always remember keep shinning babes,