‘Are the Internet and the Web the same thing?’ you may be asking, or at least I had this very question before writing this blog. The answer is no, they are not. According to Beal V. , 2010: “the internet is a massive network of networks” whereas “the web is just a way of accessing information… It is just a portion of the Internet”. Want a more detailed explanation? Watch this.

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With these doubts all cleared up, what and how is my experience using the Web? Keep reading.

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I use the Web to search for different kinds of information, whether it is for schoolwork purposes or for my own knowledge. I also use it for entertainment and look up for things that interest me. The websites I usually visit are the YouTube page for some videos of whatever I’m in the mood for, the Google Translate page to be able to translate words in the language I need, and lastly I usually visit the site Viki where I can watch a diversity of Asian — Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese — series and movies.

I think the Web contains a lot of positive aspects which are: it is excellent to obtain all kinds of information, it is a great way to transmit a message through blogs and/or videos, and it is one of the best ways to look and communicate with people. The Web, unfortunately, has a negative side to it due to the following reasons: if one is not careful enough while navigating through it our privacy and even personal information could be put to risk, we might be tricked to visit dangerous and/or weird websites and get hacked, and let’s not forget that not every information taken from it is necessarily 100% correct.

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Would I be able to live without the Web? That’s an interesting question, and if I’m being completely honest, I wouldn’t. It is a fact the Web has made our lives so much easier and we feel like almost everything is simply accessible. I usually spend many hours in it, even though I do take breaks from it throughout the day. Let’s be real, no one can keep themselves away from the Web too long, and I am definitely guilty.