Now that Eren has become a member of the Recon Corps what is his first mission? Clean a castle!


The episode begins with a brief recap of the events of the last episode…including Levi beating Eren in the face. We then see the rest of what is known as the “Levi Unit” as they head for their new HQ with Eren which turns out to be an old castle once used by the Recon Corps in the past. The member of Levi’s Unit are: Perta Ral, Aurou Bossard, Erd Gin, Gunther Schults, Levi and Irvin. For the first half of the episode we see the members of this unit interact with one another and with Eren, particularly Petra and Aurou since the two seem to constantly argue with one another. We also see another side of the badass Levi that was unexpected…hes a major clean freak! To the point where he orders his  unit to clean the entire castle. That night while discussing their plans in comes Hanji Zoe to ask for Erens titan powers in an  experiment. This seg-ways into the second half of the episode in which Hanji describes to Eren her experiments on two titans they captured who she decided to name Sawney and Bean. These experiments include blocking their sunlight, attempting to communicate with them, injuring them to find other weaknesses aside from their necks etc. We also learn that much like Eren Hanji was once fueled to kill titans by her anger but she chose to see titans differently after realizing that while their bodies are large their light as air. Hanji continues to explain her theories to Eren until dawn where she receives the bad news that her titans have been murdered. Eren and the Levi Unit examine the corpses but ultimately leave it to the military police and from there the episode ends.

Overall I think this episode is a good way to introduce us to our new characters and give us inside to characters weve already seen. From Levi’s unit I can say my favorite members are without a doubt Petra and Levi. Petra is a kind and caring person while at the same time able to hold her ground and be tough when the time is right. Petra also makes sure to keep the idiot Aurou in his place when he talks out of turn. Levi shows us more of his other side this episode in the sense that we see behind the veils of the badass titan killer. We see that he has his own backstory and his own little idiosyncrasies like being a neat freak and Petra even hints that he was once a thug! The scenes with Hanji make me laugh but also cringe with fear…for some reason Hanji scares me but also makes me laugh my head off. Its a bizarre combo that makes her a unique character and ultimately I end up liking her. Seeing her emotions and feelings towards the titans makes me sympathize with her opinion that maybe these titans are more than what they appear to be. In short this episode was a good one for me and I look forward to Episode 16 where the cadets of the 104th unit have to make a huge decision.