Before I start this reviews Ill talk very briefly about 13.5: FLASHBACK. ALL 13 EPISODES IN ONE BIG FLASHBACK

and with that said lets review Episode 14 of Attack on Titan


The episode begins with speculation as to what will happen to Eren and the reactions of the citizens of Wall Sina to the retake of Trost and in turn Titan Eren. Many people believe different things like that the titan is working for the people of Wall Rose and will invade them. Others believe that the citizens of Wall Rose will cause a massive food shortage.While all this is going on Eren is being prepared to be taken to court and have his fate decided for him. Armin and Mikasa are seen eating and discussing Erens possible fate when they are summoned to the court room. Meanwhile Eren sits in his sell, chained to his bed, thinking about what will happen to him and how is other companions are doing. Then out of nowhere BAM! Hanji Zoe pulls a creeper face and leads him to the court with a man who decides to sniff Eren…for some reason. The second half of the episode is the Scouting Legion and the Military police going back and forth on what should be done with Eren. The Military Police believe Eren should die for the sake for the people and stop more rumors and speculation while the Scouting Legion wish to use Eren’s Titan power to retake Wall Maria and regain their lost land. As the discussion goes on Mikasa is brought in and reveals that while Titan Eren attacked her once she was saved by him twice, however that fact is countered by the robber incident that took place when they were 9. As the discussion continues Eren begs for them to believe in his powers but to no avail. It seems that the military police is going to shoot him down until Levi steps in and saves Erens life…by brutally kicking the living daylights out of him. The purpose of this is to prove to everyone that the Scouting Legion and Levi specifically can monitor him and kill him if his powers go out of control. The court decides that Eren will be placed in the custody of the Scouting Legion and the episode ends with Eren being inspected by the previously mentioned Hanji Zoe and discovering the tooth that Levi kicked out of Erens mouth in court has already regenerated.

Overall I think the episode was pretty good. It shows the reactions and thoughts of most of the characters involved with Eren including Armin and Mikasa, Commander Dot Pixis and the Scouting Legion members. The scene were Levi kicks the heck out of Eren completely glorifies Levi as a bad ass who wont take lip from anybody. Fan-girls everywhere will be squealing when they seem him in this episode. I gotta admit though when Mikasa saw Levi beating Eren down her reaction was priceless. Her face literally said better than words how much she wanted to kill Levi at that point in time. Was there anything else I didn’t mention….? Oh yeah


Thats all I have to say for Episode 14. Attack on Titan is still running strong and I look forward to episode 15.