The plan is set, the legion ready and the trainees are left with a big decision…what force will they join?


and with that said I first would like to apologize for not putting up my review this last Sunday. I had some company over and did not have the time to properly write a review for this latest episode. Now that I have the time though here is my two cents.

The episode begins with the trainee’s having their 3D Gear examined and their last whereabouts checked by the Military police after the murder of the two captured titans Sawney and Bean. We see Armin, Sasha, Connie and Annie discussing speculation on who or what killed the titans and what branch they are considering joining. Connie notices Jean a bit out of it and we see a flashback to when the fallen soldiers of the Battle of Trost being cremated. Initially Jean shows fear of ever going into battle again but he then has a vision of Marco that reminds him that while he isn’t strong he can relate to everyone else and is able to fight alongside them. With that backing him up he decides to join the Scouting Legion, though he himself isn’t too sure of the decision at first. The night of the trainees decision finally arrives and the commander of the Scouting Legion, Irwin Smith, gives his speech about the Legion and its actions in the past years, revealing that a large percentage of their members have died on their missions. Irwin also makes a mention that Erens powers and the secrets of the titans are more than likely in the basement of Erens house in Shiganshina and that their next plan involves re-taking Wall Maria to get it and that many of the trainees might die. Out of the many trainees that attended  the meeting only the following stayed: Armin Arlert, Mikasa Ackerman, Connie Springer, Sasha Blouse, Krista Lenz, Ymir, Bertholt Hoover, Reiner Braun and Jean Kirstein. We then cut to the castle and we see Eren is hard at work when he sees Armin and Mikasa in a group. Excited to see them he runs to them in order to catch up. Mikasa wastes no time in making sure Eren is perfectly normal and that Levi hasn’t done anything to harm him since the trial. As noted in her expression she still genuinely hates Levi for beating Eren to a pulp. Eren then realizes the group Mikasa and Armin are with and is shocked to see Jean amongst them but more surprised to hear of Marcos death. The new members are given their new uniform:, a green cloak and hood with the Scouting Legions wings of freedom embroiled on the back. That night Jean approaches Eren on why he attacked Mikasa in titan form and reveals to his other companions that Eren has no control or memory of his powers and that he only wants to make sure he knows exactly what hes dying for. The episode concludes with a small montage of the trainees learning the formations for the plan and then Commander Irwin launching off the 57th squad to re-take Wall Maria.

Overall I think this episode does a good job at getting the characters ready for what lies ahead. Some of the best moments of this episode are seeing the reactions of the trainees at Irwins speech, the thoughts of Jean and his flashbacks of Marco, and of course the trainees dawning their new caps. Yeah its simple but its such a glorious moments because it could be seen a symbol of their rise from their position as trainees to full fledged Legion members. There are no action scenes in this episode unless you count the scene of Irwin and the Scouting Legion dashing out of the wall but this episode really doesnt need it. The weight of the decision of the trainees and the emotions they feel for their choice is enough to push it forward. The development award for this episode in my opinion goes to Jean Kirstein. We see that hes no longer the man who wants to live the high life but a man who wants to know what hes going to fight for before he goes into the fire fight. We even see that hes able to stand up to Mikasa and Eren but not in a hateful manor. Hes concerned for his well being and the well being of his companions which makes sense after what happened with Marco. To sum it all up for an exposition episode this one does a great job at setting the stage for the next arc. Tune in next week when I give my two cents on Episode 17 of Attack on Titan.

One last thing I want to say before I end this review: Everything I write is my opinion on how I see the show and my perspective. You do not have to agree with what I say and you can have negative criticism for what Is ay but if you do I would greatly appreciate that you keep it civil and have valid arguments for what I have to say. Im not saying this because I have received negative feedback but just to be safe. I dont mind critics and I dont mind negative criticism. All I ask is be constructive and keep it civil. Thank you and have a nice day.