Check out some of my favorite blogs!


  1. PRDaily– Articles about Public Relations are posted daily, so you can always be up to date to current issues that affect the PR industry.
  2. PRNews– Articles about professional development, community, events, awards and communications resources .
  3. PRsay– The nation’s leading professional organization serving the communications community.
  4. PRSA– Strategies & Tactics with posts highlighting key aspects for the PR industry.
  5. StuartBruce– Public Relationist who gives tips, advices, and keeps up with current trends in the industry.


  1. Feministing– Young feminists, that keep up with latest news, issues, opinions, and advice for all intersectional feminists.
  2. FeministCurrent– Canada’s leading feminist website.
  3. BlackLivesMatter– The official #BlackLivesMatter Global Network builds power to bring justice, healing, and freedom to Black people across the globe.
  4. TheFeministWire– A feminist publication that provides socio-political and cultural critiques of anti-feminist, racist and imperialist opinions, practices, orientations, etc.
  5. LiberalDemocratVoice– Our place to talk – an independent website for supporters of the Liberal Democrat party in the UK