By: Jada Solomon

These are two short stories, comparing what it was like to be a woman fighting for her rights in both 1917 and 2009. Make sure to reply in the comments what the difference is.

It is 1917, my name is Alice Paul and my role as a woman in this society is to be a wife and a mom. Through raising children, cooking meals, and keeping the home tidy. However, the tables are turning and we want expand to our roles that will result with benefiting this community. We are striving for political,economic,and social equality among the sexes. Our voices will be heard. I have formed the national woman’s party. Women all across the nation are protesting for this cause: GIVE US THE RIGHT TO VOTE! We are doing tons of protests. Women are even going on hunger strikes for this cause. Literally willing to die for the cause.Why should our right to vote be denied on the account of our sex? I hope that one day we won’t have to fight for this. Maybe but just maybe we could even have an Equal Rights Amendment.

It is 2009, My name is Lilly Ledbetter I am a supervisor in Goodyear tire company. Last year I received an anonymous note revealing that i’m making thousands less per year than the men in my position. I’m being paid significantly less than male colleagues with similar experience because of my gender. I went to court,won the case,even got a law named after me to stop sex discrimination in the workplace.However, this is not the first law against gender discrimination. You would think after all these years with countless of protests all with the same goal of reaching equal rights we would have to continue this fight?