Honestly I use the Web or Internet most of times since its one my ways to let time pass and not be bored. The Internet is very important to because i use it to play video games, watch videos entertaining and listen to music. I use the Web as well for my social medias for i can know what’s going on with people in their lives. I use it daily every hour since it’s important in our lives now.

I would say that the Web is a positive thing and a negative at the same time. Positive because it helps us discover things we never knew, know whats going in the world, around us or to people that we know and as well to help us pass time with videos. Its as well negative because we may not know it but the Internet or the Web is very addicting, its like a dessert you cant get over it and even if you get full you later on will want more. The Internet is a very important part to everybody and that is the truth, we can survive without internet but it will be tough since it a part of us but personally i could survive without it but it will hurt me deeply since it’s an important thing to me.

 I mostly use some websites such as Netflix and YouTube for entertainment, music and series mean while i use Twitter, Instagram and El Nuevo Dia to see whats going with the world, music artists, and people i know. I also use a website to know if i have any homework or if I have a test or quiz or any other buseness  called Mi.Sagrado.edu





“Music is Music” by Lorenzo Collura is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0