In this post, we will be seeing various points of view about the Web. All in Positive and negative ways that I browse using the internet.



“Make Browse Love, Not Browser War”byjalbertbowdeniiis licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Web is a whole new world without limits. A world where creativity flies free. The Web can be a tool as it can be a deadly weapon. Some people, use it as a resourceful tool to work and learn on the job, school and even in their houses. Other people use it for criminal acts. I’m the kind of person thats uses it as a tool, a newspaper, an entertainment resource and many other things.

The things I look and do on the web are watch movies, explore cultures, educate myself throught reading information, learn about cars and download art. The Web for me is my daily 3 meals. I need it to go on in life because thats what mostly all depend on. Everyday and everytime I use the internet for everything and anything because its already a useful tool where ever I go.



The Viking culture, religion and stories are an example of the browsing and exploration of what a I do as a Hobbie on the Web.