During my life the internet has been an important thing for me. It has helped me do my homework with ease as well as create and share media, stories and experiences of my life. The websites I visit the most are YouTube, Instagram and my student portal to check on my classes and homeworks. The good thing about the web is the freedom of finding anything you need, information, goods and or services, etc. in one click. A negative thing about it is the various ads that sites give you for no reason and makes your time in the web frustrating. I honestly could not live without the web for its the best and most confortable way to find information and do my homework without leaving the confort of my home to go to the library and spend a lot of time searching for a single answer on a book also because without the web I couln’t find the entertainment that I see online. I usually dedicate about 6 hours of web time each day even though I could go a day without using it or use it for more time in that day.

This was my first homework blog for my comunication course #inf103 #sec3 #tarea1 #web

“laptop con insecto” by roromx is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0 

“Internet Necessary”