Here on Pointless News we believe in sharing the stupidest or useless piece of news you can read, but today we won’t do that because we are going to talk about security in the World Wide Web. The World Wide Web is a new frontier like in the old west, but with this comes a land of opportunities and not the good kind. Here in this post we will talk about security in the World Wide Web, witch is an important topic that most people ignore. Hope you enjoy this “sequel” to the dark web presentation and thanks for the views!

One of the mayor parts of the presentation are the interviews that we conducted to 5 people in WhatsApp, but because of the nature of the topic we couldn’t add all the names of the people who we interviewed, but all of them gave us their permission to use their answers used for the presentation.

[Featured Image: black and gray laptop computer turned on, by Markus Spiske]