Today I read an article posted on The New York Times about Steve Jobs and his personal agenda. I found it quite interesting because  the author talks about the making of a documentary of the real life of Steve Jobs. A director called Alex Gibney had this idea that even over Steve Jobs’ death there where so many people mourning his loss and that made him decide to make a documentary called: “Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine” where people could actually see another side of him. Even a king has his own personal demons, and for Steve Jobs there was no exclusion.

Mr. Gibney reminded us to always  think that history is worth remembering not to cast judgement on their  accomplishments but to remember that they are humans, and so was Steve Jobs. This documentary was released for the first time at the Telluride Film Festival this past weekend and will open on October 9, 2015.

Article taken from The New York Times: