Dear friend:

I am writing to you because they say you would pay me attention. That’s all I need. I miss my friends. I really do. But let me clarify something first. I won’t tell their real names, I’ll just come up with some random names because I don’t want them to feel bad or anything. That’s not the point.

Yesterday I sent a message to Kameli, who is one of my three favorite guys in the world. He didn’t reply to me, but it was okay. I thought he was working so I didn’t expect the reply but when I was texting him I finished it with a “Love”. I don’t understand how I can call him friend and how he can call me the same way if I cant even tell him what I feel. I love him, I really do. As a friend, of course, but I cant tell him. I can tell the others, but I can’t tell him and this makes me really sad because all I want is to make him know that I care.

Anyways, I’ll stop writing now because I don’t want to remember my life the way it was two years ago and I’m starting to.

Love always, Germarie.

Inspired by Stephen Chbosky and his novel The Perks of Being a Wallflower.