I admit I am giving in late assignments, the ones I can remember. This one required us to give a list of 10 blogs we like and to post two TED talks videos. In all honesty I hate reading and I only follow and read two blogs:

The Sub Files


  • This blog is about a girl whose Alias is “L”. L is a sub which is short for submissive. She tells her adventures, her desires and mostly speaks her mind about submission.

Break Room Stories


  • This blog is a collection of stories of people who work in restaurants. They tell funny and /or annoying stories about their days at work.


As for TED Talks I like:

TED Talks Ben Saunders

  • This lecture is about going outside to enjoy life, not just sitting in front of a computer all your life. Go out and enjoy the better things life has to offer. I think that’s why i liked it, God knows i don’t listen to someone talk for twenty minutes if I’m not interested.

TED Talks Harbisson

  • This lecture is about a colorblind artist that uses a device in his head that allows him to listen to colors. I’m still a bit lost as to how it works but it does. I am highly intrigued by this considering not many people know about this, I feel they should. This is a wonderful tool and I love the combination of technology and design.

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