Some time ago we were asked to make a pre-reflection, a lesser version of this post if i may dare to say so. I have to say I am honestly fulfilled with the class. I do however regret greatly the ends of my semester.  starter shirking my work, not doing my homework for any class, I became depressed distracted, I went from a positive start to a horrific end. I used to post everyday now I barely get the urge to write. I did have fun though. I selected to enjoy the class and that is what I did. I learned a whole lot of things I didn’t think I’d be able to discover about computers and I don’t regret any of them. The Story of the internet was pretty interesting and the inner workings of what makes a computer a computer aka the hardware and software were arguably my favorite topics during the semester; not to mention all of the tools we learned to make our online lives a little easier, like Google Docs and Reader. I want to say thanks to my professor for teaching me how to channel myself through blogging, something I swore I’d never do. My semester took a sort of dark twist towards the end and ended up in total disaster which I willfully admit was partly my fault but it wasn’t the majority of it. I took some decisions that led me to near demise of a grade. I have no right of wishing I accept what I did wrong. Overall I enjoyed this class and though I will miss my classmates, waking up every morning to my Italian professor in the front of the classroom and Randolph sitting right next to me imitating Stitch in Spanish which he does beautifully if I might add. I’ll also miss Natalia‘s fashion sense, I hope you don’t mind but If you’d die I’d steal your closet, oops too much wishful thinking. Oh and I’ll never Forget Jo‘s sleepy face every morning or the time she shared her noon-sharable coffee with me. I’ll never forget any of my classmates or my semester at INF103 but for now I need to put everything in the past to open way for next semester’s INF115.

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