Ahhh election time…for the US you only need to pick between Mr. Romney and Mr. Obama. Meanwhile over here in Puerto Rico you have not two not three not four but six different political parties to vote for! Its farging ridiculous! Ive heard of everyone having their own opinion but come on people 6 political parties?! I think thats a bit excessive even for us. But even so there are six out there and they need to gain their supporters. The best way to do this is through social networking since a majority of people nowadays are logged into their computers.


The most commonly used social networks for the political debate are Facebook and Twitter. With Facebook politicians can post pictures of live events they have participated in, Inform the public of their standing point in the political race, etc. the same can be done with Twitter but its more or less used to send quick notifications on events happening within a general time span. As a whole these politicians like Luis Fortuno and Juan Dalmau will make a post about their campaign more than 5 times in a single day.

In my honest opinion…I dont like to get involved in politics. Even now as Im writing this assignment I feel like this whole thing is just…out of my interest area. I just dont see the point of it I guess. Also for anyone curious as to who Im voting for…yeah your not gonna find out. I feel that the person you vote for (if you vote) is NOT something you publicize. Its like sharing your sex life in public…its not something people really need or want to hear about. In that regard my vote is off limits to anyone who wants to know. Please respect my decision on this matter, I just dont feel comfortable sharing set information.