So scrolling around my Yahoo news feeds (I think it’s the only brand of news I see, God knows I don’t pick up a paper) I stumble upon an article whose header reads: Katy Perry performs for Obama in skintight ‘ballot’.

I for one was not shocked but I was very intrigued. When I click, I see that Katy Perry performed for Obama’s campaign closing wearing two different skini tight dresses. One is “republican blue” and reads Obama’s signature caimpain slogan: “Forward 2012″ in Obama’s campaign design. The other is a white dress that has the checkmark boxes with Barack Obama and Mitt Romney‘s name just like a voting ballot would show. This reminded me of my professor’s assignment about how politics use the internet as a mean of publishing their campaign and platforms.

Given that the only internet part about this entry is that I found this on the internet, it still applies in my opinion considerinig that any act like that would definitely appear on the internet, therefore appealing to fans of Katy Perry. From a communications standpoint this is a message just to attract voters and crowds, it is telling KP’s voters to vote for Obama because she is voting for him (The oldest trick in the publicity/PR books). Even if this is just her personal opinion, I can’t help but think that even with her eccentric personality there has to be hidden means and by means I mean money. But of course since it’s Katy Perry, it will flood the internet, Twitter and Facebook will be raving about it (more twitter than facebok).

Also as I was checkign out their respective pages they pretty much have a similar layout, the difference is the content and how the message is sent. I personally found Obama’s page easier on the eyes. Though both are far from minimalism, I happen to find (without prefferance of party) that Obama’s page was much smoother to travel, unlike Romney’s that sends it’s message but it may be misinterprted therefore loosing page views.

Oh well as I said in my past post I’m really not one that pro politics. I don’t follow politics and though that may make me a cynic I wear my brand with honor because I am in good company.

To finish things off I want to post this video of Katy Perry performing “Teenage Dream” at Obama’s rally today courtesy of the UK News Blog: “The Telegraph“:

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