So, hi everyone! Well, as you all can see, I’ve been away for two weeks. Couldn’t be able to post anything nor post my inf103 homework because of some personal struggles I went through with my cousin’s death on September 30, 2012. BUT, here I am! I am back and willing to post every single homework I missed.

I’m gonna start with the domain. I learned that, if you don’t want your personal blog to be addressed at as:,, etc. There are many choices of domains. If you do not have the kind of money to pay monthly for a domain, you can register a free domain at I learned that from a classmate in INF103. She taught us how to get one. So, I went and got one.

What I did was, I went to and made a new account. Then, I checked the availability of the domain. After you do that, it will tell you to set up your new domain. When I clicked “setup” it directed me to something you wont need to pay attention to so, click “setup now”, it will direct you to choose between three options. I chose the 3rd one, I can’t remember the other two options. I chose the 3rd one because, it was the one I needed, it was something like “URL Forwarding”. Then it will appear some things you need to fill up like, the page you want that domain to be referred to and stuff. After all that, I got my domain! My wordpress blog is now TRY IT :)

Ednalis N. Rodriguez Marcano