Okay so, I was watching the video “A vision of students today” by Michael Wesch and caught myself thinking about how we students are interested in our future. Yes, mostly will think that our generation is messed up because of some teenagers and young adults that ruined their lives. But, us, the ones that still care about our lives and how our future will turn out to be, know that we wake up everyday and ask ourselves how much we have grown in life. The video shows us, a way of better learning in class, a way of really paying attention to what our professors are teaching us. It shows us that we can’t let anything get in the middle of what we want, that if we really want to be successful in life, we have to pay attention and fight for what we believe will be our future. Our studies will lead us into the adults we’ll be, we’ll either have a great life with a career or not. It’s up to us to figure that out. Yes, on our path through this life, we’ll have A LOT of problems and difficulties but, we need to get up and destroy that which want to destroy us.