Welcome ladies and gents to a brand new (opening) episode of  What did we learn today!!

Ok, ok settle down. Now let me as you a question:

How many of you have this super awesome page that you want to save?

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So What you do is that you press that little star on your browser search bar

On Mozilla FireFox browser

Now you have that page. Now let’s come to the sad realization:

You forgot to show your mega BFF the link and the only thing you remember about the link was the “http://” and the “.com”. Now you’re sleeping over at her house trying to show her such an amazing link but you can’t because the bookmarks you save only get stored in your computer so unless it’s your computer, you can’t show her.

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And then that’s your face.


But guess what? Somewhere about ten years ago, after making this extremely heartbreaking face, some ingenious person decided to make Social Bookmarking.

What is Social Bookmarking? Easy, It’s a sort of internet cloud in which you can save your own bookmarks and access them from any computer. And the best part is that’s it’s public so also other people can see your bookmarks and that way everyone shares. A good example of this can be found in the website Delicious. It’s easy; you just open your account and start saving your favorite bookmarks. Now remember, it’s really important to tag these bookmarks. Why? Because it’ll not only make it easy to share it’ll also make it easier to find.


Now what else is there?I think we both know that you buy this book a bit too often:

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Not exactly this version but this series. Well now there is a way on the internet to teach you many things and I mean it. Common Craft is a website filled with little short videos that are quick tutorials in something. There’s all kinds and you’re welcome to see any that you want. Trees want to hug these guys right now, really they do.


Anyways that is what we have learned today! Thank you for your attention and i hope that You might have learned something today bye bye!

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