tumblr: sunflowerlove16

Have you ever been in a situation were you don’t know what to say or what to do? Then, all of the sudden you listen to a song and start feeling better again. Well, that’s why people say “Music says the words we’re too afraid to speak out loud”

Sometimes, I’ve been in situations were I just want to say a lot of things but I know it’s useless because at the end, it wouldn’t matter. But music, it stays, is something you can’t live without. Something that fills your soul with passion and calms you down. Unless you hear it when you get heart broken or depressed for any reason, in that case you’ll start listening to depressive songs that will hurt you even more and it’ll fill your soul with hate and rage. Music is not about that. Music is about expressing yourself and letting the world know how you truly feel. It’s about making you feel better. Music was, is and will always be, the best way to embrace your thoughts. Raise your voice, let it all out and be unstoppable.

-Ednalis ?

-P.S: Where would the world be if we didn’t have music?