I remember when everybody killed to have a computer like this:


and now there’s these:


I have always said that technology is a way to keep anti socials happy. Little did I know what came out of this generation. I’m not to big in electronics, but i do prefer old methods over new. In my opinion they are way more effective. Learning this wonderful machine is capable of one would say “so, there is a GOD out there…”. but they really ignore their purpose. I remember where the only social networking would’ve been neopets for me, and the games they had in nickelodeon. ever since Myspace, everybody now communicates through the internet. It sucks not having friends but why bother when you have technology?! You see, there are people that learn from technology because of lack of places where you can actually earn from.  It sometimes serves as a life saver, but it ruins focus and it kills many old talents. There’s  many that depend on computers to make their life easier, but in the end it makes the brain lazier. I’m happy that this video was made. It shows that sometimes old methods make people really use their minds.