A few days ago i was meant to write this as a reflection, but I couldn’t write it that day. Seeing it on TV was one thing. experiencing it only a bridge away was another. When 9/11 happened i was living in New York. I just happened to have missed school, and felt very sick and went to lay down. Just as what i thought was the very first earthquake i felt, my downstairs neighbor in our walk up apartment ran up and down the stairs screaming “THE WORLD TRADE CENTER GOT HIT!!!!”. I rapidly sat up and ran to the window on the edge of Brooklyn, and my view of New Jersey, the Statue of Liberty was forgotten as my eyes went directly at the smoke at the center of Manhattan. The left tower (from my point of view) was hit. Only minutes later, i saw the right tower get hit.

I was only a kid back then. I was still getting used to the city. Now,its been 11 years and it’s still tough to suppress the heart ache it still brings. Sometimes people joke about it on Facebook posting silly images on how they went down, it annoys me to such an extent that i close the social network and focus on other things. A lot of good people and brave men died, most form Brooklyn, my borough. new york may be a huge jungle where many voices you can hear, but when somebody messes with us we stand united and though we are many voices our heart beat as one.