After watching the video “A Vision of Students Today” created by Michael Wesch both in class and at home I honestly felt like the message being conveyed is that technology has not only made it easier for students to learn but also easier for students to slack off. Students in the modern era tend to spend more time on social network sites instead of focusing on their educational responsibilities and as such it puts them in a position that forces them to work twice as hard to meet the criteria they need to meet. The video also shows how some students approach their problems with a negative attitude and in some ways don’t give a care about how much money they waste on education they wont receive. Even if there are times where an educational system is willing to help the student if they aren’t willing to put their foot down the help will be useless and when it comes to money the bills they will have to pay will only ever increase. In my opinion I feel that students in an educational system should put more of an effort in for their own educational benefit instead of shrugging it off at the first sign of trouble. A balance in their schedule would help them regulate their sleeping and eating patterns as well as having free time to enjoy the things they like to do. If not students of the near future wont be able to achieve as highly as their predecessors.