This is my chart in feedly, I’m gonna a start by the profesional charts and why I choose the ones that are presented there.

The first one is “Diseño gráfico con Photoshop” it is about articules and tutorials about the way they make their photos and different themes of photos with the same mood. The second one(Photoshopeando) is a blog About Photoshop tutorials too but is more about the tools that Photoshop has and how to use them properly. The third One is “Naturpixel” is about learning photography and it has curses and tutorials about the basic things that photography is. The fourth one is “Fotografo Digital y tutoriales photoshop” I the same just tutorials about Photoshop and news. And the last one is “Blog Del Fotografo” This one is about cameras only and what they do and which one you should buy for certain things.

The personal Charts:

The first One in my personal Charts is “Xataka” is about everything related to technology, it has photography, news, movies, artificial intelligence since and a lot more. is mostly articles and news all over the world. Is one of my favorites. The second one is “Digital Art” is in another language so i used it with the traductor to English and is amazing. Is about news and whats modern in Photoshop and digital and tutorials too. The third one is “Espinof” is a bout movie critics and reviews. The fourth one is “El séptimo arte” is the same jut critics and reviews of movies it has a “foro” that you can talk to other people and leave your opinion. The las one that is my favorite is Audio poem Of The Day. Is about you guess it Poetry, now who doesn’t love poetry, is one of my favorite websites since not only they have the poem but they have a bit about the author, and they have the audio of it.

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