For my seventh assignment of the class I had to do the following:

  • make two lists (personal / professional)
  • add five blogs to each list and then put them on a blog with a brief description of each site


  1. = contains blogs with different recipes for different kind of foods to make later on.
  2. Soompi = a news site to be up to date with what is happening in the Korean entertainment industry.
  3. New York Times – Travel = a site with traveling blogs containing good destinations, travel tips, and maybe even news from different places.
  4. Teen Vogue = here you can find news about culture, music, style, politics, movies, etc.
  5. Yesstyle = a platform where you can purchase different Korean products such as clothes, accessories, makeup, etc. You can also find some fashion blogs or related to it.


  1. = on this site a lot of blogs can be found where they talk about journalism and a few news about multiple topics.
  2. ReadWrite = this one contains different posts about technology.
  3. Student Resources = this university site has information about the different fields of entertainment.
  4. TechTarget = a site that talks about technology, marketing, security, etc.
  5. The Next Web = contains good examples of blogs from a journalist.