By: Jada Solomon Aldarondo

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Veronica and Emma are two young women that face many obstacles and issues that come along with their gender. As women, they are the victims of slut shaming, domestic abuse, beauty, and body standards. Veronica is in a toxic relationship that is composed of control and oppression. While, Emma is insecure and doesn’t love herself the way she is as she wants to change every physical aspect of herself. They both are going through completely different situations however they find a way to unite and convey the power of sisterhood.

Veronica is constantly being controlled by her boyfriend Matt. He slutshames her due to what she wears. Slut shaming has been ingrained in every single girl as they are sexualize and they’re shamed for owning their body. Let women where what they want to wear because confidence should be rewarded not shunned. However, Matt is an abusive partner who tries to control every aspect of Veronica’s life. People often criticize Veronica for staying in the relationship rather than giving her the help and resources she needs to break free. People are always so quick to judge and ask Why is she still in that relationship instead of asking why is he abusing her in the first place.

On the other hand, Emma calls herself fat and is always comparing herself to others. She doesn’t love herself, and she wishes she had a flat stomach,and wants to get plastic surgery to fix aspects of herself that she doesn’t like. Society has placed beauty and body standards on women even though beauty is subjective. Women set impossible standards on themselves because that’s what society has taught them. Veronica and Emma find each other and they embrace themselves for who they are. They empower themselves despite what people have called them and the insecurities they have. Women are constantly shamed for everything they do,might as well do whatever you want.