ITZY had a comeback on July 28,2019 with the song “Icy”. Icy was released with it’s own MV and album named “It’z Icy”. The MV for this song achieved over 18.1 million views in 24 hours, but later on in October 2019 it hit 100 million views. This song also achieved seventh place in the Billboard charts and number one in K-Pop Hot 100.

ITZY~icy  mv(music video)

Icy was written by the owner of JYP Entertainment named J.Y. Park and song writer Penomeco. The lyrics consisting of “Icy but I’m on fire” and “Look at me, I’m not a liar” are used to build up the chorus and beat of the song. According to Tamar Herman, “may as well be known as the girl group anthem”.