Today our privacy is being breached by many hackers. Our privacy is no longer safe these days. With the tecnology advances, hacking using malware, spyware, trojans and viruses are more likely to happen. Some best known hacks are scams normally posing as major companies such as Microsoft or Apple giving you “free” stuff, In real life they are scamers stealing your information. sites normally have changed characters in the url, looking like the real deal but somethings change. Example: Amazon (Amaz0n). Another known Privacy breach is the “Deepfake” which is a CGI animation of someone that looks like you but its not.

Heres an example:

Deepfake Obama

Another danger online is catfishing which is lying to someone on chats by putting photos of someone else thats not you etc. We have to be careful on what we do online specially when making a trasaction because there are also hackers stealing your account. So make sure you click on the lock button on the url bar to make sure the site is succured.