By: Jada Solomon

Image retrieved from: Creative Commons “I?IKLI M?MARLIK / WEB S?TE TASARIMI” by Hülya Bolaman is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 

As someone who belongs to Generation Z, we are basically the first generation to have access to the Web since a young age. I’ve grown up with the internet, to the point where it’s considered a MUST. Even though the web has lots of positive aspects for an individual it does have its fair share of cons.

Using the web is simple yet it can be a time consuming task depending on how you balance your use. AND all it takes is just one click.

Would I really be able to live without the web? I believe that I could but I choose not too. We live in a digital age and technology is evolving. That is why I do my best to balance how much I use the web. However, I spend around 6 hours on the web.

This image was retrieved by Creative Commons. “yikes” by beckytekkie is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0 

Personally, I use the web through various methods:

  • Social Media– My favorite way to create and share content! My top 3 include Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat
  • News– As we now live in a digital age every single news article can be accessed online. (Sorry! Newspapers) but either way we’re protecting the environment by reducing paper use! My top 3 include CNN, El Nuevo Dia, and USA Today.
  • Shopping– Who doesn’t enjoy shopping right in your own home and having it shipped right to your doorstep? Advances in the digital age have allowed an easy and simpler way to shop for items all around the world. My top 3 include, Amazon, Ebay, and Wish.
  • Videos- I enjoy watching videos from Youtube. I watch from music videos,vlogs,tutorials,interviews,and tours.
Heres a little bit of the Beatles to brighten up your day…

Pros and Cons of using the web


  • The web allows us to an exponential amount of information like never before. We have access to literally EVERYTHING.
  • Connecting with other people is easier than ever before. Social Media has allowed individuals to reconnect and establish relationships.
  • You can be active about anything you’re passionate about. Whether is politics, gardening, baking, gaming, dancing, photography, or more you name it. The web has allowed individuals to have a platform to get involved or criticize.


  • You can get addicted. I cannot emphasize this much more, some people literally have NO control. That is why its extremely important to balance your time. If not you’ll end up risking your personal and professional life.
  • Personal privacy is at a risk. Just how easy it is to access anything online your safety is at risk depending on how much personal information is on the web.
  • Cyber-bullying. People can be mean, even on the web. There is cyber-bulling anywhere from Instagram to the YouTube comments. That is why its extremely important to report harmful activity anytime.