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? Please doubletab and tag a Friend below Amazing!!! ?? @oceanramsey ??? PHOTO BY @juansharks ????? Maybe my fav photo of me (@oceanramsey) and Shark ohana ? of all time so far ??? It’s so hard to choose, so many beautiful moments I am so eternally grateful for sharks please help save them. I am without words and at the same time I think I never stop speaking up for sharks, I am grateful beyond measure for my experiences and what they have taught me. This photo was taken yesterday off my home waters of Oahu, Hawaii when hey Shark I think I’ve met previously in Isla Guadalupe graced us with her big beautiful incredible presence ? I headed out with my team from @oneoceandiving (my ? @juansharks ) and @mermaid_kayleigh @camgrantphotography for a day I will never forget. I’ve been trying to get the bill re-introduced in Hawaii to ban the purposeful killing of sharks and rays and this just feels like the biggest sign to keep pushing forward for more protection for them. Shark populations around the planet are severely declined. They need protection from targeted shark fishing for shark been soup and sport fishing. Please speak up in your own community and help support international efforts. PHOTO BY Join me at my team to learn about sharks OneOceanDiving.Com @oneoceanresearch @oneoceanconservation @oneoceaneducation @oneoceanglobal @oneoceanhawaii @waterinspired New conservation benefit tiger shark biomimicry wetsuit by @xcelwetsuits Photo by @juansharks * ? Follow us @fishing_loveclub ? * ? Make sure you push like follow for daily pics! ? * ? Thank you my friend #fishinggear #fishingcanada #fishinggirl #fishinggirls #fishingseason ?

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