To keep myself updated
I use this application called the Feedly. Here is a list of my top then blogs that I follow:

  • Cinema: This blogs I love to follow so i could keep up to date on upcoming movies, upcoming productions, or even new video camera technology. Also cant mis out on new TED talks.
  1. Ted talks
  2. Latest movie trailers
  3. Film school rejects
  • Food: Its ome of my second favorate past time is to cook and blend cultures.

    4. LA Times-Fodd and Dinning

  • News: trough this application I keep track of whats going on with the world

     5. LA times 



  • Photography: as my passion and possible work path this is a way to keep up to date with the constant chnanges on the industry and tachnology

      8. National Geographic 

       9. The Leica Camera 

       10. Canon Consumer News