Jojo is currently working on a new album after years releasing mixtapes because of a legal battle with her former record label Blackground Record. Almost 10 years without and album, the change can be seen in her music it’s a more mature sound and the lyrics are more deeper and now have a real meaning for her singing about her life and struggles.

She’s been hard in the studio but released in August what is called a Tringle (when and artist releases 3 singles at the same time) witch she did with ‘Say Love’, Save My Soul & When Love Hurts. And know in on a tour in order to get back on track giving fans what they been waiting for years to see her back on the road with new music. Jojo is making a great comeback to the scene but its save to say it’s a new Jojo from the teenage girl we knew singing ‘Leave (Get Out)’.


Here are the new music videos from Jojo