I work customer service in an office.

There, I said it.

This means that idle time is a thing I need to manage, and I’m sitting at a computer where my web access is limited. Luckily, I can still write to you guys; but I do tend to read, a lot. And one of my favorites is Kitchenette‘s Behind Closed Ovens.

BCO, ans it’s referred to on the site is a weekly mailbag where restaurant customers and employees send in stories, well, about restaurants. Working there, eating there, and all the craziness that just happens when you’re out in the world.

This week you guys are in for a treat because for their final entry on the Kitchenette site they’re recapping The Best Restaurant Stories of 2015.

Hope you guys laugh as hard as I did. Also, it’s the recap, because BCO is moving over to Wonkette next week. So if you enjoy it, follow Behind Closed Ovens over there.