Hey guys! It’s been a minute since I’ve written in my blog and a lot of things have happened in such little time. Where do I start? I’m actually going to make this brief and straight to the point.

During the months of September and October, I lost people who meant a lot to me. I had to break friendships so I can maintain happy and positive, my almost 4 year relationship went to dust, finding out what my sexuality really is, and I’m currently struggling in finding a new job and maintaining strong in the university.

I currently have about 2-3 real friends but I’m actually happy about it because I know that the decisions I made were for the best of me and I know I’ll find other great people in my life some time in the future so i don’t stress about friendships anymore. My relationship is something I don’t talk about and I’m pretty sure almost nobody knows about it since it’s private but now I’m putting this out there. Many who knew us wonder why but that’s something we won’t bother to explain. All I’m going to say is it is what it is and we both moved on and are on to better things (like Drake says). I’m currently labeling myself as bisexual but in reality, I don’t know if I can give myself a label since I haven’t done anything with a girl but the reason why I say I’m bisexual is because I feel strong attractions towards my same sex, something a straight person doesn’t feel. It’s not the same thing saying a girl is pretty or hot than saying a girl is pretty, hot and you want something more with that girl. Ya feel me? Now, I haven’t said much to people about my sexuality because even to me it’s a big question mark so don’t judge me. I’m in process of finding a new job because soon my time is up in work/study in my university since it’s by a certain amount of hours so after that I’m onto the next job. Last but not least, me vs my oh-so-challenging classes this semester. I think it’s actually normal to feel stressed and not do so great the second year in the university. I thought it was just me but almost everybody is the same way. Oh well, things will get better and I know I will not give up. That’s for sure.

Everything I’ve said in this post means a lot and it for sure took a lot to even share this since these are things I don’t really share with anybody except my best friend Xahomi. I do want to ask that if you are family, friend or someone I simply know reading this, don’t look at me any different and don’t make a big deal out of this and gossip. I don’t need more drama in my life and I don’t owe anyone a personal explanation. This is the best explanation I can give and it’s simple. Don’t get it twisted though, I’m actually happy. ????