I remember the day I singed in for the first time on Facebook, so exciting right? I also remember how the first years I had it were like. Everything about Facebook has changed and I can say that I miss the old days very much. It was so much simpler. I would definitely have some tips for my 15 year old self if I could give them to her. Like for example, don’t add every friend request you get!! how did I end up with so many people I know nothing about? And what was I thinking when I uploaded that horrible profile picture back in 2009? not cool.

I knew it was bad when I saw people writing all their personal information on it. My mom thought it was wrong for me to have Facebook. She has one now. To my surprise she is very careful about what she upload on to it, like pictures and those kinds of things. But she definitely does not know that liking and sharing pictures is not the safest thing and that is all she does on it.

If I were to give my mom a tip it would be to SHARE LESS and be careful about what you like.