The class INF 103 on Tuesday was based on the features that Google provides us with. How when you’re on the search bar if it’s a known topic what your looking for it gives you recommended results before you finish tipping. When you do search Google’s first results are the ones that have more links and are of much better use to find what you’re looking for. Another use of the search bar is by photos without having to right on the bar just have to drag the picture and it will give you results.

Google Maps is another feature use by many on the internet and phones. It allows you to see the world very detailed and it helps when you’re traveling to find out how much time it will take you to go from one place to another and give directions. Google has and email of it owns like Yahoo and also provides a feature called Drive that allows you to shares documents with selected people with really helps students and workers. The search bar also helps as a calculator you type the numbers and it gives you the results. It also lets you know the money change in different country like the euro. It has its own web search called Google Crome. Basically can be said that Google is the most use out of the other searchers.