Around the world, people tend to abuse and neglect animals. “Why?” we ask ourselves. I honestly don’t understand either. That’s something I ask myself every time I come across abandoned animals on the street.

A few days back, July 4th, 2015 to be exact, I was spending the day with my mother, grandma and cousin who flew in from North Carolina. During the night, we had to take her back to her house so we drove there casually. When we were stopped at a light, we saw a small-ish dog. Now, let’s keep in mind that this dog was crossing a very busy road and the most important part, IT WAS DARK. We saw the dog and we wanted to turn the car around to grab it and take him home with us. Just then, I see the dog starting to cross the street and I saw it was too late for the dog to cross. I heard the dog cry and the tires screeching. I thought: “Oh my God, I hope the car didn’t hit him. Please lord.” I tried to convince myself that the dog was still alive. By the time we turned the car around, we found the dog laying flat on his side in the middle of the road. Cars driving passed him, over him like it didn’t matter. The person who hit him didn’t even bother to stop. It was a hit and run, something people are used to doing at times with animals since they “don’t know what to do” or think “it’s not so important”. I rushed out of the car and saw blood everywhere and the dog’s eyes were open wide. My cousin and I decided to move it to the sidewalk at least since there was nowhere to bury him. One man stopped to check up on us and the situation. I bawled my eyes out. It was so heartbreaking. I don’t want to go through that again.

Another big case I got going on is occurring near my house. I have these neighbors who live on a corner around my street and for some years now people have complained about a man hitting his dog. The dogs kept being changed due to death or running away. The point is this man who beat every one of his dogs was found one day at the hospital and came home with no legs. He’s currently in a wheelchair. Now, if you ask me, that was God sending a message.

Now, in that same house (fun fact: it’s a two-parted house), there are other people living on the bottom and are currently abusing the dog. I haven’t seen it for my own eyes, but you can clearly hear it. At first I assumed it was the same man, who lives upstairs, but no. Every time I went to go outside and see what’s going on, the abuse would stop. I’m waiting for the moment it happens again to rush out with my phone to record it for the cops and if I have to, speak up to the owners. I’m so tired of hearing a dog yelp for help and gets none. It’s time to take action. I hope I can put a stop to it soon.