Hello everyone!

It’s been a while, a long while I must say.

But I’ve had time to read a couple of books and I thought it would be nice to tell you guys about it.

I wrote once about one of my favorite books. In the post called “Easy isn’t always that easy” I talked about the novel Easy by  Tammara Webber. Well I did my homework and read the sequel and I must say that it was a little bit disappointing to see some chapters that were exactly the same from Easy only that they were from Landon’s perspective. But it is so very worth it. 

The book is called Breakable, is the second book from the trilogy Contours of the heart. On this one we are shown Landon’s life, before and during his relationship with Jacqueline. This novel triggers your whole body and mind. It captured me just like the first one. I couldn’t stop reading and kept telling my self that I should just read one more chapter and then go to sleep but Webber did it again.

Each chapter is divided in two, the first half about Landon’s life after his life tragedy and the other half is once he has developed this strange obsessive attraction to Jacqueline Wallace.

I give this novel a 5 out 5. It is interesting and addictive. Great for anyone. I am absolutely excited to start reading the third book of the trilogy.

Let yourself fall in love with this amazing story

Enjoy your reading!