thank you

Photo by: woodleywonderworks

Hello there! Just wanted to write this to say thank you for reading my weird reviews. Just so were clear, I’m not a professional at reviewing things, sometimes its hard for me to describe something with the right words and I know my reviews aren’t that great but I do my best. I’m simply a film production student so I have a lot to learn yet, so bear with me. I never thought I would get 169 views from many places around the world like Japan, Peru, France, Indonesia, etc. Every time I saw someone had visited my blog I would just jump for joy. Thank you so much for being a part of this with me. I’m not saying goodbye, I just need a break. As you may have noticed I’ve been posting non-stop lately, I’ve barely left the house and I feel so tired. So I wanna take a small break from blogging for a tiny bit, each my breath and actually enjoy watching a movie without having to worry so much on every tiny detail to review on. I have a list of movies I haven’t watched yet so our journey does not stop here. Again Thank you so much! Have a nice day!