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Hello guys! I bring you another short animated film by CutiePieMarzia/Marzia Bisognin, who collaborated with Netty Scribble like she did with Moonlight (the Halloween special she made in 2013), but this one was made during June 2014. Unlike Moonlight this one has a different style and a more psychological theme to it. In the beginning you may be a bit confused on what is going on, but thankfully in the description box she explains more about the idea behind the animation. Have any of you ever felt depressed? Did you feel like there’s a voice inside of you that hated you? That no matter how hard you tried to make it go away, it always come back somehow kind of like a ghost that is attached to you, always haunting you? I have and still do. I began to take pills last year but I stopped cause suddenly I felt better, more energetic and positive than ever before so i thought ” I don’t need pills anymore, I got this”. But many things happened, life happens and things don’t always turn out to be good no matter how much of a positive vibe you have sometimes it is simply not enough. Things happen and you will feel lost. You’ll feel alone, with no solution. Like no matter how hard you try to run away it will always come after you.

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The short film begins with a young woman in her bedroom writing in her diary about something she has been seeing since the previous month, something that won’t go leave her alone. Her cheekbones are accentuated, her eyes are filled with fear, she looks around her bedroom as the lights flicker. We go back a month before this scene, the woman is sitting at the park, her hair shorter and she looks very healthy unlike the woman we saw in the first scene. She begins to feed some pigeons, they begin to fly away. When she looks at an ice cream cart, through the flying pigeons she sees a dark and mysterious figure of another woman looking right at her. When she goes to the supermarket she sees it again while she’s in an aisle. Then sees the figure again after she takes some pills in her bathroom. It is 3 a.m., the woman wakes up from her sleep and sees the figure at the end of the bed with her hair flowing in the air. The woman on the bed reaches out for a knife sitting on her night stand, she braces herself as the figure pounces at her. We see the blood covered knife on the floor, the bed sheets are covered in blood as well, and we see a message on the wall that reads ”It’s Time” written in blood. The last image we see is of the mysterious figure looking straight at us.

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This was another fun short to watch, really creepy too. I like the sketchy style everything had, the way the animation was very solid and wasn’t filled with fast paced stop-motion, the way the young woman was struggling with this figure and decided to fight back against it in the end, then the end sort of leaves you wondering. Netty Scribbles really did a good job on this psychological horror animation.

What actually happened was: The woman was insane and the figure she was seeing was another version of herself, she motivates the woman to commit suicide. Yup that’s how sometimes we think is the only way to kill our demons. But honestly you are stronger than your demons, you shouldn’t let them push you into thinking suicide is the only answer. You have to believe in your strength and will to go on living, to have a happy life, to succeed in your goals, to fulfill your dreams, and to be a good person that contributes in the world. You can do it, just believe in yourself. You have power, You CAN be successful, you WILL survive the hardships that life throws at you, because you have been through hell and came back. I know you can do it.

The video currently has 1,648,128 views on YouTube. Maria really does have a talent for the creepy things which I truly admire. She has more horror-themed shorts you guys should check out. That’s all for today! See you soon!

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