Today’s post is about something I read in the El Nuevo Día newspaper. It was mainly about how Microsoft will be bringing games from Xbox one to their system. From what I read the business wants to do some type of bundle with the consoles, phones and tablets. But that’s not what captured my attention. While I read, there was this word that came up and I didn’t know what it was, so I looked for it. And what I found was amazing.

The word that I am talking about is HoloLens


Picture by: Microsoft Sweden  Licence CC

I could not believe this, so I decided to keep looking. It was incredible how much the technology around us is moving so fast and we have no idea of how fast exactly. We have no clue of how advanced it actually is. And mostly of how close we are to a robotic life we have imagined. I have always been against this advances, but I can’t deny the greatness of this object.

Here I have attached a video about the introduction of the HoloLens

Still want to see more? Check out the commercial!

Also check out this interesting interview from IGN.

Hope you liked this post. Read the post from the newspaper