Today’s post will be about the book He loves me not, written by Christine Kersey .

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This story is the first book I ever read from the Kindle app. I fell in love with this story. I was completely lost inside the words and the story controlled me. I was full of it, it took my complete attention. I could say that it didn’t take more than a week for me to finish this book. The novel is very well written and it takes you along for an intense ride.

Here Christine Kersey presents us Lily Jamison a new student at the University of Nevada at Reno. Lily is alone in the world and finds herself meeting for two great guys, since she met them she has been recieving strange messages to stay away and she has no idea of who is refering to.  Lily ends up falling for Trevor, the guy with blond hair and piercing blue eyes. When the messages continue, it’s more than obvious that something’s up, but Lily decides to follow her heart. Following her heart has it’s way of letting her know that every desicion has an outcome. If you loved the first one you will want to read it completely. Lily’s Story continues in  Don’t look back.  Lily’s story is an on going series, the forth book named Life Imperfect will be pubished soon.

If you’re intrested in reading more of Chrisine’s work, checkout this video review of her book Gone.