Recently my school’s workload has been off the record. Considering we are closing up the semester pretty soon, things are really starting to pile up. It’s my third year in college and my stress levels are on record high. As that Pure Michigan commercial says “The to-do list is longer than the I want to-do list.” ( It seems as if my studies are clouding my life. I am tired of everything that has to do with work, projects, groups, essays, tests, among the many tormenting things an education requires. There hasn’t been a time in my life where I’ve wanted to just snap my fingers and disappear, go far away on vacation. At least, until my mind clears up. I don’t know about you travelers, but some of you may feel the same way about school as well, or work, or even the pace of life you live. What’s the point in following a system? Why am I required to gain a high education level? I’ll just spend the rest of my life stuck with a 9-5 schedule working for someone who will not even care about my ambitions, dreams, or plans. It’s overwhelming to think about all of this and, certainly, it gives me an even greater desire to just explore the world and forget about everything else. After all, I got one life to live. The downside to this freedom speech is that money runs the world, and without it I can’t take the first plane out towards Berlin. It’s a hard-knock life indeed, Annie. I guess my whole rant could be an inspiration to some of you to get out there and do what you want, travel the world. I’m starting to think about it more and more everyday. Hopefully, I’ll have the courage someday to act upon it. Time is the only one that can tell. I’ll leave you with that thought and a few pictures of amazing travel destinations. Adieu for now, wanderers!

The Great Wall, China
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Fiji Some rights reserved by Drumsara

Ireland Rock of Cashel Some rights reserved by Wyld Ginger