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December 31st, 2012 was the last day Newsweek magazine released its last print issue. As we all know, technology is growing faster and more popular by the second. Because of this, many people have lost interest in print magazines, newspapers, and books. As a consequence, many of these “print” companies have ceased production. Such was the case with Newsweek magazine. On the front cover of this December 2012 issue it “hashtagged” #LastPrintIssue. The controversial/ironic part of this hashtag was that it kind of pointed out whose fault it was that the magazine ceased print, but gave way to their new form of publication, which was through the web version of the magazine. What does this mean for the print world? Well, I believe that print is print and will always be print. No matter how much technology becomes a greater part of our lives, there are always going to be people who prefer print over digital media. It is important to acknowledge, that with the rising interest in the technological world, many of us are attracted to the idea of having every-bit of information out there, in the palm of our hands. However, there is nothing like the feel of paper on your hands, or the smell of an old book. There are certain emotions that print media evokes in us that digital media will never replace. It is safe to say that we move with the new, technological world, but we keep much of the old. I guess that Newsweek’s cease of print came tied to other factors, like not good-enough advertising, or insufficient marketing strategies, but not to people preferring digital media. Yes, it’s growing, fast and popular, but not so much as to become the #1 source for people’s news. Remember that information through the Internet could hold many fallacious arguments and many folks know that. As well, the majority of the population is not “connected” to the digital world. Therefore, print is their reliable source.