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This blog is about cinematography arts and news of movies in the world and including evaluations of
the FIne Arts in the theaters. In the curse of “INF” was learned to not commit copyright and such as finding great media objects. Also about piracy, internet protection and some media commons. Again with the blog I’ve posted so far the important things and some occurring with the company and the movie industry and some techniques and amazing stuffs like the HollyWood News. This blog is most for the company Revolutionex Pictures that specifies in the movies of fine arts and classical and some other extras like animation and comedy. I would be glad that you give it a shot and comment and post of what you guys want this blog to post more in the information. The blog is created for you people that are fans of the cinematography arts or the arts itself including music mostly. Visit us at out blog link that is: our webpage at:

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After all this information of this blog has been successful cause of the lack of views that it had in the past. I’m keeping this updated everyday and to make more views in the future.

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