So here’s a list of some blogs that I’ve seen lately and find that are pretty interesting. Some are about technology, celebrities, food, and other things. Hope you enjoy them.

  1. Official Blog
  2. As We Travel- Travel Blog & Travel Videos
  3. TechCrunch
  4. GigaOM
  5. POPSUGAR Beauty
  6. Designs by top fashion designers
  7. I’m an Organizing Junkie- clutter & chaos free… most of the time
  8. The Girl Who Ate Everything
  9. Food Politics
  10. VentureBeat  | Tech. People. Money.
  11. Technology News and Analysis – BetaNews
  12. Evernote Blog | Remember Everything
  13. Universe Today – Space and astronomy News
  14. The Beat- The News Blog of Comics Culture
  15. Music News, Reviews, and Gossip on