During my last informatics class, the professor showed us an article about Facebook and Google and told us to read it and express our opinion on it. I found the article named Facebook or Google: which website rules the world? We live in a world that’s full of new technologies and we tend to be dependent on it. Facebook and Google are the leading websites in the world having more than millions of views per hour. On this article I saw that they have been keeping an eye on the people that visit this website. With maps showing how many countries this websites have ruled we can clearly see that the advantage with one another is not that big. Even though Google is more visited, Facebook is having more and more visitors daily. In my opinion, Google is the website that rules the world because you can search for anything and you don’t need a specific word to find for what you’re looking for; with a single word or a couple of words you can find what you want and that’s something Facebook can’t do. In my personal opinion, Google is the leading website and its getting more popular each day.

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