As class work, we were asked to read an article by George Arnett titled “Facebook or Google: which website rules the world?” In the article a recent study by Oxford University is explained. The study presents a colored map of the Internet’s leading websites styled to the famous Age of Empires game franchise (How cool is that?). Anyways, who tops the list? Of course, Facebook and Google. The thing is Facebook rules in some countries, while Google rules in others, but which is better? Certainly, they both have their respective perks. Facebook is mostly used as social media, which is what it was intended for. On the other hand Google, offers a whole other range of possibilities for its users, like a storage for documents, a search engine, a word processor, presentation viewer, e-mails, among other things. It is clear which website has the upper hand on providing more tools for its users. I think Google wins this one. No matter how much Facebook may be used in some countries the article states that Google wins the countries with the most population, making it king of the Internet. Indeed, Google is king of the Internet. Facebook only gives us social media. Google gives its users so much more. I’d refer to Google as “the world at your fingertips.” Again, ruler of the Internet.


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I’d like to know what you think, traveler. Which website travels through most countries? Who do you guys crown king?

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